Enabling Startups to acquire first 1000 users

A restaurant rating app for Europe gets first 1000 users.

Method: Answering questions of foodies looking for places to eat in Europe.

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One SmartFeed. All Platforms.

Get conversations across all platforms - Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Forums.

Smart Filters for SmartFeeds.

Smart filters find the right conversations efficiently so that you can focus on your job.

Slack Integration. Easy Workflow.

Manage SmartFeeds within teams with ease and efficiency.


When you don’t need big data, but just the right conversations in real-time. Armada works like no other.

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First 2 SmartFeeds are on us for ten days! Try it — no credit card required.

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1 SmartFeeds
Get conversations from Twitter
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2 SmartFeeds
Get conversations from Twitter
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5 SmartFeeds
Get conversations from Twitter

Armada for Enterprise

Build up to 100 SmartFeeds, plus: priority support, custom integrations and auto-response.


What is a SmartFeed?

A SmartFeed is a live feed of relevant conversations from various platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Forums. Once you build a SmartFeed, Armada will keep collecting relevant conversations from Twitter every 15 minutes and from Quora, Reddit and Forums every 24 hours.

What is the difference between 'All Sources' and 'Twitter Only' plans?

With All Sources plans, you'll get conversations from all the platforms - Twitter, Quora, Reddit and Forums in your SmartFeed. Whereas, with Twitter Only plan, you'll get conversations only from Twitter.

Who uses Armada?

Armada is used by 130+ makers, early stage startups and professional from various fields to spread brand awareness, gain traction, find insights, build a brand and nurture a community.